By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “WAR ON WOMEN”. Coined in the spring of 2012, it encapsulated a series of perceived attacks on women’s reproductive health. The phrase was quickly called upon as a rally cry for women everywhere- particularly liberal women.

We hate the phrase.

What we are witnessing in our country is an inability to talk about our issues. “War On Women” is reductive and divisive. It fosters an attitude of “us versus them” and fails to embrace the messy complexity of reproductive health.


based on the messiness of the issues
seeped in the complexity of reproductive justice
diversifying the voices at the table
and using our resources as artists to contribute to a productive and respectful dialogue.

Read more about the play here.

Quickly the play expanded past a script and triggered the development of PANDORA’S BOX PROJECT: THE PROJECT

which opens up the conversation to artists across disciplines and invites new collaborators to respond to the original written contributions in unique and diverse ways.

Read more about the project here.


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